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Rodings Primary School

Learning together, caring for each other

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Year 4 - Peacocks

Peacock Class have made a great start to the year. We’re enjoying thinking of ways to reward hard work and perseverance with things like Pyjama days (thanks Spike for that suggestion). We are an enthusiastic bunch and the year ahead is set to be an exciting one. We are determined to enjoy school life and be an example to others. We have agreed we want to lead the way in showing others how rewarding school can be. We have a strict code of conduct which we apply to everyone and all situations at all times:

  • Care
  • Be Kind
  • Give compliments
  • Be Compassionate

We focus on what we should do and not what we shouldn’t do to help us make good choices and be proud of our conduct.

Autumn Term 1

We have gone back in time to the Middle ages. We’re using inquiry based earning to uncover interesting facts and make links between subjects. The students are finding this approach immensely useful and are better able to make links across the curriculum. We have an exciting trip planned to the Tower of London which will bring the students learning to life. In Science we are learning about the body and how our understanding of keeping it healthy has changed since the medieval times.

Autumn Term 2

The second half of Autumn Term will be inspired by the works of J.K Rowling. We are using the work of an author to inspire our Maths and Literacy. Students will foster an enthusiasm for maths by brewing their own mathematical potions. We will take inspiration form the books by emulating the writers style. In Science we will learn about States Of Matter, we will compare and group materials together, according to whether they are solids, liquids or gases.

Spring Term 1

Spring Term will take us to South America. We will use experiential learning to ignite interest and curiosity in the subject. We will use first-hand accounts from books to map our learning journey. Students will be expected to work with increasing confidence and independence to pursue their own interests in the subject.  For instance they may wish to focus on the Spanish Conquest or the Mayan Myths when producing sculptures or writing to inform. Living Things And Their Habitats will be covered in Science as an excellent opportunity to explore biodiversity and the complexity of living things in relation to their environment. 

Spring Term 2

Production Theme. Students learning will be influenced by the Arts. We will explore what influences great Productions such as Folk Law, Fairy Tales and historical events of great importance. We will learn about sound in Science.

Summer Term

Chocolate /Mayans. We will look at how food can impact upon and define a civilisations identity. We will draw parallels with the European Spice Wars to learn more about British History and Geography as well as South American. In Science we will learn about Electricity.


Homework will be used to help students solidify their learning and work towards mastery in subjects. They will use their Planners to ensure reading is supported and continued outside the classroom.

Homework should be fun, homework should be interesting. We want the children to be passionate and interested in each Topic we teach. Research projects usually lasting two weeks will be set, the children can choose their own lines of inquiry and share these with the rest of the class. This will help staff better understand how to keep children engaged and make sure learning meets their needs.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Miss Steele

Class Teacher