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Rodings Primary School

Learning together, caring for each other

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Year R - Goslings 

Welcome to Reception! We are really excited for you to become a part of our Rodings family and we look forward to supporting you and your child over the next 7 years.

It was lovely to see so many of you at our Parents’ Information evening, induction mornings and home visits. We explained to many of you how this year will look for you and your children; the highlights are;

  • We will be running Reception as one big class, the ‘Goslings’.
  • Each child will have a ‘Special Week’ every term, where we focus on their learning and development.
  • As opposed to having two Parent Consultations (one in the Autumn term and one in the Spring term) we have decided that it will be more beneficial to run a Parent Consultation session with you after your child’s Special Week. This means that you will have 3 Parent Consultations over the year.
  • The children will be dropped off at the Office in the morning and will be collected from the playground.


Running the cohort as one big class has many benefits. One of which is that the children will have a whole year to get to know each other, form strong friendships and share their interests. This also give us the opportunity to get to know each child and observe natural friendships before splitting them into two classes for Year One. Another advantage is that both Miss Ducat and Miss Thurgood-Buss will then have the opportunity to get to know all of the children individually and can share their knowledge in order to plan next steps, which will ensure all children reach their full potential.

Special Week

Each week we will select 4 children (number of children may change according to the number of weeks in the term) as our ‘focus children’. All children will get a chance to have a Special Week once each term. We will let you know a week in advance whether it is going to be your child’s Special Week. This is a chance for your child to share the things that are important to them with the whole class so please do send in photos, special souvenirs, favourite books…anything at all that helps us get to know your child better. When we inform you that your child’s Special Week is approaching, we will send a form for you to fill in and let us know of any worries, queries or areas you would like us to focus on in the following week. This way we can make sure all your queries are answered in our Parent Consultation with you, during this meeting we will share with you all of the in-depth observations we have made. Although we have a special focus on four individuals each week, we will continue extending all the children’s learning through “communicating and modelling language, showing, explaining, demonstrating, exploring, encouraging questioning, recalling their previous experiences, providing a narrative for their play, facilitating and setting challenges” (Ofsted, 2015).

On the reverse of this letter we have answered some ‘FAQs’ from the home visits as a quick reference for you.

We are really looking forward to working with you over the next year,

The Reception Team



When will Forest School start?

We will begin Forest School when all the children are in school full time. We would like to see how the children settle with us and each other before we embark on our first outing, so we will let you know our start date for Forest School through our ‘Reception Notices’. When we start we will then go every Wednesday morning (any planned cancellations will be in the school newsletter under ‘diary dates’).

Do children come to school in their uniform on Forest School days?

No. Children can come to school in their own clothes, something which you are happy for them to get dirty in. In the winter children will need plenty of thin layers under their waterproofs and they must wear trousers and long sleeved tops all year round to ensure they are as protected as possible from insect bites and ticks. In addition, your child will need to bring spare clothes (especially socks) in case of any accidents or really muddy play! They will also need shoes to change in to when we return to school. Please ensure your child’s Forest School kit is in a named large plastic ‘bag for life’ (or similar), that way we can ensure everything is safely returned to the right person and without any lovely bags getting covered in mud.

Do I need to let you know in advance whether my child is having a school dinner?

No. You can decide with your child on the day whether they will be having a school dinner or packed lunch. The menu for the week ahead is always in the school newsletter. When the children sign in they let us know what they are having (we always count the packed lunches to double check our numbers).

How do I change my child’s going home arrangements?

Should there be any changes to the going home arrangements please inform the Office as early as possible so that these amendments can be put in place. This can be by telephone or a note in your child’s book bag.

How can I get in contact with you?

If you have any concerns or anything you want to let us know and it isn’t your child’s Special Week please feel free to contact us by sending a note in your child’s book bag, phone or via email ( or ). We will also endeavour to be available at the end of the school day if you need to catch us.

How will I keep updated if my child gets the bus?

All of the observations we record of your child will be uploaded on to ‘Tapestry’, you will receive an email notification at the beginning of the year asking you to set up an account. Tapestry can be accessed by you at any time via the website or app. In addition to the school newsletter we will hand out our Reception Notices letter where you will find information that will be relevant. We are always contactable by phone or email (see above).

What does my child need to bring to school in their book bag?

Your child’s book bag will have a book and a reading diary. If they wish to bring a water bottle please send it in their book bag. On a Friday they will also have our Reception Notices letter and an email copy of our school newsletter. Please note that unless it is your child’s Special Week, we ask that they do not bring any toys from home as in the past these have gone missing or been broken.

How does my child know what to do when they arrive on the bus?

Mr Clements (and a member of the Reception team for the first few weeks) will be waiting to receive the children as they get off the bus. We will then escort them in to the school where they will drop off their bag and join the rest of the school in the playground for an early morning play.

How will my child know where to go to get on to the bus?

At the end of the day all children that are getting on a bus will be escorted to the corresponding classroom, where two members of staff will take a register and ensure that all children get on to the correct bus safely.

When will my child be paired up with their Year 6 Special Friend?

When all of the children have settled and are full time we will arrange some time for the Year 6 children to come into our classrooms and meet the new children, from there we will work with the Year 6 teachers to foster natural friendships and in doing so group the children into their ‘Special Friend Families’. Throughout the year there are many opportunities for the Falcons, Eagles and Goslings to get together – something both year groups absolutely love.

When will my child change their reading book?

We change books on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We will support children to learn how to change their own books and choose them from the correct box. This will mean that your child may choose the same book and whilst we encourage them to select a new one we do not enforce it, as we recognise the enjoyment of returning to a familiar book.

Does my child need to bring a snack to school?

No. In Reception we provide a morning snack for all of the children. We have a ‘tuck table’ where children can make their tuck whenever they are hungry throughout the morning. We will ask you for a voluntary contribution in the first few weeks of the term.